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Established in December 2016

who we are

In December 2016, a group of young health workers led by Dr. Awungia T. Alexis came face to face with some of the challenges with health care in the country. Families which had doctors were considered lucky, as they could reach their doctor by a simple text messages or phone call. Families that did not have doctors had to seek advice from neighbors and friends when they fall sick. Inspired by the need for patients to talk to a doctor or get a health service at their convenience and by the high unemployment rate for many health workers, Dr. Awungia and his team founded an association called Hospi Mobile Service Association. They had three goals for the association: first to Improve access to healthcare, secondly to empower youths by building capacity and creating employment, and thirdly by promote research and innovation in healthcare.

Since its one year of existence, Hospi Mobile Services has designed and carried out many projects in collaboration with many other organizations and individuals. The association has grown, with over 160 registered young health works including doctors, nurses, laboratory scientists, pharmacists and community health champions who are present in four regions of the country (Littoral, Center, South-West and North-West Regions)


1) Improve access to healthcare
 Through health  education, improving health service delivery
models within Cameroon
2) Empower youths
through capacity building and creating employment
3) Promoting research and innovation in healthcare
support and implement projects with public health magnitude,
develop and promote the use of innovative health technologies


Our mission is to ensure that everyone living in a LMIC has access to healthcare irrespective of their background, level of education and financial status.

We take healthcare to where it is needed!


  • Our core values lie in our ability to provide healthcare to people in need but do not have access such as people living in remote and resource limited communities. This is achieved through volunteerism and other innovative strategies.